Friday, August 16, 2019

Shea Butter: The Multipurpose Beauty Product You Can Use For Almost Anything - Manteca de karité: el producto de belleza multipropósito que puedes usar para casi cualquier cosa

Abie's Naturals did research on various women throughout the United States to find out what their impression are about their Shea butter usage. Listen closely. It will astound you!

Abie's Naturals investigó a varias mujeres en todo Estados Unidos para descubrir cuál es su impresión sobre el uso de la manteca de karité. Escucha atentamente. ¡Te asombrará!

1. Overnight body moisturizer.

"I love this shea butter, because I put it on and I feel like, when I go home and I go to bed I take my clothes off, I feel like I’ve just put lotion on. And I only put it on once a day. I use the cream for my feet and I put socks on at night."    *Taraji P. Henson, actress 

1. Hidratante corporal nocturno.

"Me encanta esta manteca de karité, porque me la puse y siento que cuando me voy a casa y me voy a la cama me quito la ropa, siento que me he puesto una loción. Y solo me la pongo una vez al día. Uso la crema para mis pies y me pongo calcetines por la noche ". * Taraji P. Henson, actriz

2. Windburn treatment.

"I started using African Shea butter oil for the winter time because it's good for windburn and super dry skin.
 My cheeks have started to get red and discolored in the cold, and I've been trying to use that -- it seems to be working so far."  *Lindsay Walsh, Fine Arts grad student 

2. Tratamiento de quemaduras de viento

"Comencé a usar el aceite de manteca de karité africano para el invierno porque es bueno para las quemaduras por el viento y la piel súper seca. Mis mejillas han comenzado a enrojecerse y decolorarse con el frío, y he estado tratando de usar eso, parece ser trabajando hasta ahora ". * Lindsay Walsh, estudiante de posgrado de Bellas Artes

3. Instant dry skin remedy.

"I  use shea butter on my hands when they get really dry because i have a little left over from Ghana. The ones here are refined and have lots of other products in them. The ones in Ghana are pure Shea butter. It's really hard, so I mix it up with oil, like olive oil, and then use that." -*Asantewaa Prempeh, filmmaker

3. Remedio instantáneo para la piel seca.

"Uso manteca de karité en mis manos cuando se secan mucho porque me queda un poco de Ghana. Las que están aquí son refinadas y tienen muchos otros productos. Las de Ghana son manteca de karité pura. Es realmente difícil, así que lo mezclo con aceite, como el aceite de oliva, y luego lo uso ". - * Asantewaa Prempeh, cineasta

4. Curly hair definer

"I think for your hair, you don't have to go to the store and buy all the expensive products. You can just get some Shea butter or any natural oils, even olive oil, and they make your curl pattern come out much more defined."  
*Andrea Thomas, model

4. Definidor de cabello rizado

"Creo que para tu cabello, no tienes que ir a la tienda y comprar todos los productos caros. Solo puedes obtener un poco de manteca de karité o cualquier aceite natural, incluso aceite de oliva, y hacen que tu patrón de rizos salga mucho más definido ".
* Andrea Thomas, modelo

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

What are Kosher skin & hair care products? - Qué son los productos Kosher para el cuidado de la piel y el cabello?

When your product or establishment is Kosher, consumers know that you comply with a strict policy of kosher laws, including cleanliness, purity and quality.
Kosher law in food prohibits eating shellfish, land animals with scales, and birds of prey, but halal does not. Both kosher and halal rules prohibit eating pork. ... Kosher law prohibits mixing dairy and meat as well as the cooking, serving, and cleaning utensils used for them, but halal law does not. This is relevant, because many skin care products, soaps, lip sticks, etc. have been and still are made with animal fats and parts. 
Aside from animal fat, there are other non-kosher ingredients one must be aware of when shopping for non-food items such as hand and bathing soaps, foam cups, or even pharmaceuticals.
Some common examples:

Ethanol (a colorless volatile flammable liquid which is produced by the natural fermentation of sugars; alcohol, for example yeast used in the making of beer metabolizes the sugar into ethanol).

Gelatin (a virtually colorless and tasteless water-soluble protein prepared from collagen and used in food preparation as the basis of jellies, in photographic processes, and in glue) is made from the bones and hides of animals or fish. To permit the use of gelatin even in a non-food product, such as in a dish washing detergent capsule, special kosher gelatin must be obtained. 

Stearic acid (a solid saturated fatty acid obtained from animal or vegetable fats) is an example of a fatty acid which can be from either animal or vegetable origin. Stearic acid is often used in pills and other medications as a lubricant and release agent. Even though medication pills are not viewed as foods, nevertheless, the OU will require that the lubricants be kosher as well.
Abie's Naturals products, all of which are designed to be suited for people with certain skin sensitivities and religious preferences. The Abie's brand products are created cruelty free, vegan, gluten-free, and Halel and Kosher. It offers a range of products, all of which were designed to care for the skin and hair. 

Abie's Naturals high-functioning skincare products make them ideal for individuals who enjoy taking care of their skin.